A Division of the Artist Program at Lakehouse Music Academy


MOTO Records is a collaborative, independent record label that provides our emerging original artists with state-of-the-art recording opportunities at Lakehouse Recording Studios, as well as access to professional resources and continued artistic guidance before, during, and after the recording process. The label is run by Mackenzie Huddleston, a young industry professional.

It is the goal of everyone involved in MOTO Records that a strong, passionate, supportive community is built around Lakehouse's young, talented artists. MOTO Records wants their artists to make professional recordings, play exciting acoustic and full-band local shows, creatively build a fan base, navigate all aspects of the music business, and work hard for themselves to build the Lakehouse Artist community! We believe that MOTO Records is the destination for music fans, industry professionals, and emerging artists to visit to discover amazing talent starting their careers the right way... and having fun doing it! 

Each MOTO Records artist is profiled with a bio, photos, a playlist with their recorded music, and upcoming concert dates. Please check back often and support these young, emerging artists!