Skylar Springer, age 18, has been singing since she could remember. She would sing anywhere, anytime without a care in the world. She started playing piano at the age of 6 with classical training for 8 years. During that time she would play songs by Adele, Sara Bareilles and more. She still continues to play everyday. At the age of 12 she started competition troupe with Idol Time for 3 years. She won many awards solo and group. At the age of 15 she wrote her first original song. Since then she has played at many places throughout New Jersey such as, Stone Pony, House of Independents, the Saint and more! Over the past 3 years Skylar has been in bands, private lessons and recording in the studio. She has also worked with Tor Miller, Danni Bouchard, Frank Lombardi, and more to come. Skylar’s dream is to continue writing her own music and produce it herself.






Photo by Andrew Holtz

Photo by Andrew Holtz