Leah Nawy

Photo by James Waltsak

Leah Nawy, age 17, started piano lessons at 6 years old. Having her first performance at age 7, her love for the stage quickly blossomed, beginning voice lessons soon after, followed by the guitar. Now, she has become an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician. Leah has written and recorded a collection of original material and has performed throughout New Jersey. These performances have taken place at some of the Jersey Shore’s iconic music venues such as The Stone Pony, Wonder Bar, and House of Independents. Inspired by music’s female rockers, some influences include Janis Joplin and Heart. Leah has been involved at many programs at Lakehouse Music over the past 3 years; this has allowed her to collaborate with accomplished songwriters such as Andrew Robinson, Tor Miller, Danni Bouchard, Colton Kayser, and Meg Cannon. Music is Leah’s passion, and she aspires to a life of writing, performing, and producing music.