Georgia Owen is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Allentown, NJ.  She began singing and playing guitar at local venues at the age of 10.  She realized this was going to be a lifelong passion and began attending Lakehouse Music Academy in Asbury Park. Lakehouse encouraged her to write original songs.  She writes about personal  life experiences and challenges.  One of her first recordings is a song called “Big Star” which was written about a special friend who passed away.  She is a part of MOTO Records at Lakehouse.  Georgia has recorded 2 EPs, including one song written with Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem).

One of her biggest successes was the 2016 Asbury Park Music and Film Festival.  She recorded her version of U2’s “One” which was the music used for the movie trailer for the movie, Just Before the Dawn.  She also has a cameo in the movie.  In November, Georgia was the featured artist for  The article is titled,  How a small town girl with a big-time voice found herself in the spotlight.  She has also been featured on several music blogs.  Jersey Style Photography wrote, “The long history of the Jersey Sound is in good hands with young musicians likes Georgia.  She is a bit indie, a bit alt-country, but all New Jersey. “Her music is influenced by musicians such as Glen Campbell, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift. Today, Georgia not only plays in her hometown but she has played for organization such as Paddle for Pink/breast cancer research, NJ Agriculture annual dinner and Interfaith housing events.  She has performed for Who Knew York at The Cutting Room, opened for Luke Elliott at The Wonder Bar, sang backup vocals for Bobby Bandiero at the PNC Arts Center, and has performed at The House of Independents, Asbury Hotel and The Saint.